Friday, June 12, 2009

Believe in yourself

Running... 5K check! 10K check! 1/2 marathon check! 26.2 miles my GOAL, my DREAM! People say that running a full marathon is a crazy, insane and plain stupid idea! I say bring it on! I don't care if I am one of those crazy people, in fact I want to be one of those crazy people.  I want people to look at me and say WOW you have completely lost your mind! But really those people are saying, I wish I hand the courage to do something like that, I wish I had the motivation to get off the couch and complete something I know most of america only dream of!  I want to see that finish line after running 26 miles and say your right everyone I am crazy but I DID IT!  

I have been running now for 4 years! Each year the desire to run a full marathon gets bigger and bigger! 5K's are like warm ups for me now! 1/2 marathon a little hard but no big deal! So I need something to challenge me again, to beat me up mentally and physically!  I know your thinking why would you want that? And I say to you, why wouldn't I want that!  I am an athlete, been since the day I was born.  I was born to do crazy things, born to train and born to believe that anything is possible if I just believe in myself!  The fact is this crazy dream of mine is soon going to be a reality of mine and I can't wait to say to all those people that didn't believe in me-to kiss it! 

This journey I am about to begin gives me new hope, gives me the idea that big dreams can come true!  What I need to do is put one foot in front of the other and believe that when it gets tough, I get tough! When it gets boring, I find something new to think and talk about! When I believe I can't do it, I search inside myself and find a piece of me to believe in again! This road is going to be a long road, its going to hurt and it probably will suck a ton! I just know that with all that hurt and all that time that it does suck, its totally worth it when I finish! I hope you join me in this journey!  I hope you find my journey one that makes you reach inside yourself to believe in YOU!  I hope that with my hard work, my pain and sweat that I can get you encourage to not only dream big, but make those dreams facts!! Believe in yourself and reach for the stars, YOU too can have crazy dreams come true! 

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  1. Kathy, you are going to LOVE IT!! Start picturing that finish line now and I promise it is 1000 times better than how you picture it. Can't wait to follow your journey.