Saturday, June 20, 2009

First training run

"We all have dreams.  In order to make dreams come into reality, it takes an awful lot of determination, dedication, self-discipline and effort." Jesse Owens

The above quote is so true! You can dream something, but dreams can't come true without the hard work! This is something I will need to read before each run and reread after each long run.  I can't reach that finish line without the work that has to happen to get there.  
Today, June 20th was my first group run!  I was super nervous, excited and couldn't wait to get started all in one.  The group was a lot bigger than what I expected, I would say there was at least 30 runners there!  The thing I was nervous was about people looking at me and saying can't believe she is going to run/walk 4 miles.  Its just that weird feeling I get sometimes, which totally is me trying to put myself down.  All the runners there were there for one reason only. To run together and train for a race that is coming up in the future.  This group is going to be my support system, this group will end up being family at the end I am sure! So I just needed to feel bad about running/walking for a second and am now over it! 
The run was a 4 mile run, cake is what I call it! My foot did have a slight pain in the arch, just wishing it is my feet getting use to the new shoes!  It wasn't to hot, which is nice!  We ran with a pacer, he was really nice and shared a ton of knowledge! He usually does 30 races a year, Wow!!! It was nice of him to slow way down for us, but I think he enjoyed all our questions we asked! 
Then a girl from the 11 minute mile group slowed down and joined our group.  She was really sweet and I can say I would enjoy running with her every week!  This will be her first marathon as well!  We probably ran about a 11 minutes 30 second mile.. sometimes faster and sometimes slower!  Good pace is what I call it! I remember when I ran without walking, I was doing around a 10 minute mile for long runs.  The walk break is so worth the extra time added on to my finish time, it will help me recover so much faster!
Anyways-nothing really major to say besides it is great to have one run down and a million and one to go! 
Coming up this week is one 4 mile run, two 3 mile runs and one 6 mile run! I have to really nail down this schedule! I need to decided if I am running in the morning or at night.  What I want to do is stay away from the heat, the heat kills me and makes me hate running! So I may run at 5 AM so i can beat the heat, I can always go back to bed!!! 

Till next time! 

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