Saturday, July 11, 2009

Week 4 done and over with!

This week was really hard on me! I am not sure why but it was terrible! Getting my runs in, working out at the gym and just having time where I felt like I could relax was hard.  I started teaching summer PE this week, so I probably am just tired from working all day.  Better get use to it school starts up in Aug and I will be deep into my training then! But I am sure glad this week is over with and ready for the next week! 

I got a new running toy the Garmin! This is my new favorite running equipment! I don't know if I would ever be able to run without it now! I love that it tracks your miles and your pace! Gosh its nice to know what my pace is after running 10 miles! Love it and would suggest any serious runners in getting it!  I love the fact that I lace my shoes, put the garmin on and out the door I go.  I now don't have to have a plan or a map! 

Monday's morning-I ran 4 miles in the morning! It was an early run 5:20-I was out before the moon went down.  It was very peaceful, but boy did that make work hard.  I haven't had early morning workouts in a while so it was tough.  I know once I get back into working out in the morning running that early will be fine! 

Speed Work-Went to the track with the group and we ran the straight aways and walked the curves.  We ran the straight aways fast! I loved this workout! Sort of weird since I hated doing this in track! But I guess now I get to pick my pace and I don't have my coach yelling at me go fast Morgan!   We ran about 4 miles! 

Thursday 4 mile run-this was a hard run for me.  It was super hot outside and I was super tired from work.  I knew that I couldn't skip this run and really needed to get out there and get the miles in.  But it was mentally rough on me-I started telling myself that I couldn't do it.  Which in turn made my body feel that way.  I struggled and when i was finished I questioned myself on why in the world am I doing this to myself.  But the goal is to finish a marathon and I have to keep thinking about that finish line! I know there is going to be hard runs, there will be days I hate running! I just have to keep thinking about the overall goal! 

Saturday long run-it was a great day for a long run.  My legs were tight and a little sore from probably all the work i have made them do in the last week.  I have decided after this run its time to cut back on lifting.. I am getting the strength I need from the runs.  Another thing I think I had to learn was about what I eat the day before.  I could tell this run wasn't as easy on me as the past runs.  I knew it had to do with what I ate the day before.  So fuel is going to have to come into play on Friday's!  
But the run was nice and cool-not to hot! We have been really lucky! I was a sweaty mess but I had no problems with rubbing anywhere!! YIPPIE! I think i found my running shorts from now on! No problems means get more shorts!  The last 2 miles I think Jeannie and me both struggled.  We went out way to fast the first two miles and you could tell at the end.  So we need to really focus on staying with out pace and try not to stay with the group ahead of us! So what if we finish last or close to last! At least we are still walking when we finish! 

Next week-10 mile long run! Bring it on I say! 

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